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We try to provide very easy pricing, so you have a great idea what to expect when you contact us.

That said, our prices listed here are not set in stone. We must account for any unknown factors and or requests.

We do travel outside of Hempstead, Texas for an additional fee, usually $1 / mile.


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Commercial Videography:


$500 – Individual Half Day Rate.

Basic video editing included in rates.


Commercial & Corporate videos included, but not limited to, training, story telling, corporate projects


(prices subject to change)


Construction / Development Progress Drone Photos:


Starts at $150 (price determined by size of property and/or building(s))

Commercial Photography:


$1000 – Day Rate. Up to 8 hours.

$500 – Half Day Rate. Up to 4 hours.

Basic Photo editing included in rates.


Real Estate Photography with Drone Photos:


Home 3,000 sq ft and under $175 (price for additional sq ft to be quoted)


Home / Land / Property drone video starting at $175

 (price depends on size of property)



Consumer photography and video website:

Vicki LeBlanc Photography - Wedding, Portraits and artwork photography and Video (external link).


All prices are estimates. Each job is unique and will be quoted depending on what exactly is needed. This may lower or raise the estimated price.