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FAA Certified and Insured

C&I clients eliminate the safety risks of people climbing tall ladders to visually inspect rooftops, a/c units or lights.  Texas Sky Cam can video all of these tasks in a fraction of the time, increasing productivity to lower operating expenses.


Realtors can have aerial videos taken without hiring expensive planes or helicopters.  We can video high in the sky and low around buildings with optional interior capture.


Schedule your aerial video and / or photography by calling 713-569-1366, or click here for Contact.

Aerial Video & Photography

Texas SkyCam uses the latest technology and optics in photography and aerial video.


We are successful because we stand apart from the rest!   Our photography has been published in several magazines, websites, retailers, consumer products, advertisements and awarded highest honors from photography judges.  Fine art prints available.


Texas SkyCam was selected to do DRONE & PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE NEW PILOT "Your RV Life".  To air on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and Destination America!


All photography and video is customized and edited to the clients' specification resulting in stunning high definition professional photos and videos.